Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day 2011

So, the scary day is here. The day where we all say "I can't believe it's a new year again!".
We are up on the "GOLD" Coast. It's not so Gold today though.
The drizzly rain set in hours ago and shows no sign of letting up.
We had a swim in the pool though this morning. Threw some random children around.
(must remember to not start a game if you don't want to continue it for the next hour!)
Anyway, Laurie and I got to wear our new "towel dresses" which work a treat.
Last night we wandered into town to watch the fireworks. 10 minutes of booms, oohs and aahs!!

So, the next few days will consist of reading my new book, more relaxing, swimming and a trip to Wet 'n Wild to celebrate my, uhum, 33rd birthday.

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